2016.11.05 BLACK & CHAO

Best known cinematography team, Mr. YES, was the ONLY ONE vendor on my list! I knew I only trust them for my wedding d

2016.12.03 FRANK & IKEA

We watched Mr. YES’s video in friends wedding reception and decided on the spot we must hire Mr. YES for our own wedding

2016.11.26 Mark & Jill

We watched Mr. YES’s video in friends wedding reception and decided on the spot we must hire Mr. YES for our own wedding

2016.11.19 Jeff & Sharpay

They were consistently professional from pre-meeting all the way to my wedding day. I never forget the moment when we wa

2017.01.02 Gillberd & Stacy

We are more than happy with our choice!!! It was painful to plan budget but to watch the video is certainly worthwhile.

2017.01.02 MARX & YUYU

So much appreciation to Mr. Yes!! we are so glad that we have you guys doing this for us. it allows us to have the bes

2016.07.03 喆睿 & 宇萱

Mr. Yes team is great. guiding us to our best conditions and carefully reminds us all the details. The SDE really blew e

2017.01.07 陳翰 & 翊晨

Thanks to Senior Videographer team for a great video and memory. we also thanks Sales’s effortless support to make it ha

2017.02.01 蘊霖 & 筱蒨

We thank you for your professional services and shares your passions. now our story can be told in complete. all those

2017.01.07 KEN & PHOEBE

Professional equipments, and tons of preparations. very down to the every details and it makes us at ease and trustwor

2017.01.15 ChiYu & Chelsea

Ever since we start to plan for the tone of our wedding, we start to think about the video. i guess it’s due to the na

2017.02.12 威勻 & 珮綺

There is no other choice for wedding video other than Mr. Yes. super professional and great attitudes. really really

2017.01.15 Gino & Julia

We have to thank the Senior Videographer team to come up with a great video in such a short period of time. all the frie

2017.1.15 WEI & MANDY

Being handsome, tons of laughter, moved moments, and tears all captured by Visual Director Videographers from Mr. Yes. O

2017.03.05 冠廷 & 珮玉

You guys are very dedicated team. and very professional as well. when we watched the SDE, we felt it is one of the b

2017.03.19 Albert & Mandy

Thanks to the Senior Videographer team. your focus and dedication really made us comfortable and relax. the way you

2017.03.05 Ziv & Viola

Thank you Mr. Yes team. that you have made us movie stars for the day. All our friends and family members loved the

2017.03.05 Nick & Seika

Despite some delay on our wedding day, our Leading Videographer was more nervous than we do. he seems very tight and foc

2017.02.25 Wilfred & Althea

Thanks to the Senior Videographer team. From the first moment we meet with them, they made us drop our guard, and we are

Juno & Jerry

It's great to have Mr Yes Wedding Cinema team to help at our wedding... they recorded many memerable footage for us. Es

Peter & Yan

One day surfing the net, stump on Mr. Yes Wedding Cinema's videos... it has stuck me like a lighting, so we hired them f

Daniel & Angela

Many thanks to Mountain and his crew for all the hard work planning and filming our wedding video. We are very thankful

Sam & Christina

We would like to say “Thank you very much” to Blues, we watch the video again… and still much moved by the video.  There
20140712 MaxIvy600

Max & Ivy

Max and I believe that your team put a lot of effort into this video. the SDE (Same Day Editing) puts a perfect ending t

Yuji & Sihchun

We would like to say thanks to your team, Blues. The video is so dreamy and touching! we felt very fortunately to have

Ethan & Cora

Thank you very much to all! HA HA HA SDE (Same Day Editing) was great, and everyone is touched by your video. We will r

Eason & Boni

Mr. Yes, we thank you! Special thanks to Showme, George, and 5 other videographers dressed in black!! it’s so amazing

Eric & Sandy

Thank you Showme all the the team to make the wedding perfectly. All the precious memory would be recorded. Very toucha

Dan & Emerald

Thank you for all the hard work! Everyone loved the SDE video, the video was exactly the style we wanted.

Ben & Cherry

To Wang and Mr. Yes team, thank you for the superb team you have, it made my wedding a day that everyone is envy and a