2016.11.05 BLACK & CHAO


Best known cinematography team, Mr. YES, was the ONLY ONE vendor on my list! I knew I only trust them for my wedding day. We live in Tai-nan, can’t discuss with videographers often, I was still feel safe because this team is too professional to let us down. We did not request for specific videographer, all of them in Mr.YES are talented proven by their works…LoL I was so impressed by my Same Day Editing video, and their professionalism. Lots guests and friends love their work, especially my mom, she said it is the best film she ever seem in a wedding.
I am grateful to have leading videographer, 元寶 and so as assistant videographers for my special day, I truly feel your dedication. It was pleasure to work with you! (Waving hands)
Until now I still believe the best decision we ever made was to choose Mr. YES. LOL

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