2017.01.15 ChiYu & Chelsea


Ever since we start to plan for the tone of our wedding, we start to think about the video.
i guess it’s due to the nature of my work, i often believe that a good video can elevate a event into a new height. a good video can touch the hearts and left a deep impressions. A wedding with all the typical activities, jumping and dancing isn’t our style, and after knowing what we want, we believe having a video is our solution.
and then, we met Mr. Yes.
Mr. Yes has to be one of the top one in the field, and even people in the wedding field may take a step back when they hear about them.
despite the brand, Mr. Yes made us to truly understand the professionalism that is built in the brand… @ our first meeting in their studio, videographers chatting with us like a next door neighbour, sometimes like big brothers. they kept on bring up the key points and reminding us on the things we need to pay attention. another videographer quietly kept on taking notes and carefully wrote down all of our demands. it was touching to see there is someone who takes our wedding just as serious. we felt blessed to have a such professional team to taking care of this.
we didn’t get to meet until the day before our wedding.
the one thing that really differ Mr. Yes from others, is the way they handles the situations on site. we are no professional actor/actress, and most of the time when a camera pointing at you, we just freeze up and become dumb. that’s where the magic lays within Mr. Yes team. they guided us, show us a good time and let us felt complete relax in the whole process.
the team shows up in uniform and way before 5A.M. 5 A.M.!!! they worked flawlessly with the other teams, make up, photographers and everyone else. it’s not easy to possess professionalism & being friendly all at the same time.
i remember it was a cold day on our wedding day.. filled with delays and all the unexpected things… but all that went away with the Mr. Yes crews.
when the moment comes to play the SDE… we couldn’t hold our tears but let it runs free. it’s not fake, not acting, not artificial. just pure love and simple.
although i was not the most beautiful bride, and i often crying in the film, but it is how i am and nature.
we thank you Senior Videographer team. because of you, we have our lovely memory forever.

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